OmakAse Sushi FOR LuNCh $110
(12:00 ~ 1:00)

Dinner Omakase $230
(5:30 & 8:30)


What is Omakase

Omakase translates to "I will leave it up to the chef" and is equivalent to a Chef's Tasting Menu.
It's a fine tradition that gives the chef a creative freedom and the customer a memorable dining experience.

Our Edomae Omakase tasting menu consists of small plates, sashimi followed by a selection of seasonal nigiri, and dessert.


Sushi 寿司

10 piece Omakase sushi with red miso soup.


May 皐月

Zensai 前菜

Spinach Ohitashi with mushrooms.
Fried garfish “Arare-age” with steamed monkfish “Ankimo.”

Dashi soy simmered tender octopus.

Snow crab and seaweed with Tosa vinaigrette.

Yakimono 焼物

Koji-miso marinated Kinki-snapper 

topped with grilled daikon & bamboo shoot.

Tsukuri 造り

Chef’s inspiration sashimi art.

Wanmori 椀盛

 Sesame tofu boiled clam with “Kuzuko.”

Baby turnip, yuzu and sakura flower.

Sushi 寿司

10 piece Omakase sushi with red miso soup.

Dessert 甘味

Traditional monaka with red bean and
homemade hoji ice cream.


Please contact us of any allergies or dietary restrictions, contact us at least 48hours before your reservation. Omakase is strictly based on Chef Toshio Suzuki's selection, and will need to source additional ingredients,

Unfortunately, certain dietary restrictions such as gluten free, and no rice, cannot be accommodated. 

Children who can participate through the entire experience and be seated at the sushi counter can be accomodated.


To maintain the highest quality, we only prepare for the number of reservation each evening.
To avoid fees, please modify or cancel your reservation at least 48 hours prior to your reservation.


Seating times

Monday-Friday 12pm to 1pm lunch
Monday - Saturday 5:30pm and 8:30pm dinner
*Please check back on seating times as we are planning to change in the near future