Satsuki OMAKASE sushi bar  |  Chef toshio suzukI

SATSUKI sushi bar is our intimate 8-seat sushi counter serving a curated omakase sushi dinner to satisfy your taste buds. We serve Edomae-style Sushi to the purists, and enthusiasts alike. Our ingredients are sourced directly from Tsukiji market in Tokyo to ensure that we always deliver the highest quality and  authentic taste.

Master Sushi Chef TOSHIO SUZUKI

Toshio Suzuki, one of the pioneer sushi chefs in New York, has been satisfying the tastebuds of New Yorkers for over 40 years. The former owner chef of Sushi Zen, has honed his focus on serving what he has always wanted to serve; traditional Edomae-style Sushi Omakase